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Meet Columbia Sportswear’s 3-in-1 Omni-MAX™ Footwear System

Meet Columbia Sportswear’s 3-in-1 Omni-MAX™ Footwear System

Lightweight •Cushioning • Traction

COLUMBIA, the leading American outdoor sports brand, is set to revolutionize mountain footwear technology with the launch of its new Omni-MAX™ Mountain Shoe Collection for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. Omni-MAX™ The unique Omni-MAX™ design incorporates a revolutionary 3-in-1 footwear system that combines the midsole and outsole. It combines lightweight, cushioning, and traction, along with excellent midsole technology for enhanced comfort, stability, support, and traction. The collection also features OutDry™ professional waterproof and breathable technology, allowing you to explore the mountains with energy and confidence.

The latest Omni Max KONOS TDS Outdry waterproof series, combined with the ADAPT TRAX™ outsole and TECHLITE+™ midsole, offers exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions, creating the ultimate mountain shoe for this season.

The Omni-MAX™ incorporates two core designs to create the ultimate mountain shoe
The Omni-MAX™ series footwear features a signature texture on the midsole, giving it a stylish and unique look. Additionally, the series highlights two core combinations: Deflection Domes and Flex Grooves. The deflection domes are strategically placed at the heel and forefoot effectively absorbs impact forces, reducing foot pressure, and providing optimal stability and support for balance. Coupled with enhanced support structures in the midsole, it significantly enhances stability and cushioning protection performance.

The OMNI-MAX™ technology places a strong emphasis on the forefoot outsole design. This enables each step to flex and pivot naturally, creating enhanced flexibility and smooth transitioning from heel strike to push off. The result is a superior underfoot experience that delivers both protection and comfort across a variety of surfaces and terrains.

The OMNI-MAX™ series showcases a distinctive and stylish signature texture on the midsole exterior. This unique design not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also makes it easily recognizable.

The deflection dome midsole design provides enhanced stability and support. It effectively disperses the pressure exerted when encountering uneven surfaces, thereby significantly enhancing stability and cushioning protection performance.

OMNI-MAX™ places a strong emphasis on the forefoot outsole design, featuring flex grooves that enhance the shoe’s ability to naturally flex and twist with each step, significantly increasing flexibility.

Omni-MAX™ employs a groundbreaking 3-in-1 footwear technology that seamlessly integrates the midsole and outsole. This innovative design combines the functions of being ultra-lightweight, providing exceptional cushioning, and delivering outstanding traction.  The inclusion of exceptional energy-return midsole technology further  enhances the overall performance, comprehensively increasing traction, enhancing stability, and improving cushioning.

Omni Max KONOS TDS Outdry Waterproof Series
The KONOS TDS model within the collection offers the OutDry™ lightweight waterproof and breathable functionality, along with the upgraded ADAPTRAX outsole for exceptional traction and the upgraded TECHLITE+ midsole for enhanced cushioning. These features make it perform exceptionally well on both dry and wet terrain, creating the ultimate mountain shoe for this season. Additionally, the NOVO TRAIL series of shoes are treated with Omni-SHIELD™ for waterproof and stain-resistant properties.