Corporate 29/05/23



Employee wellness and safety have always been Swire Resources’ core pillar in our sustainable development roadmap, and we are committed to driving diversity and inclusion through dedicated efforts in creating a supportive and friendly workplace.  We have developed a series of policies and programs focusing on three core areas – healthy eating, physical fitness and mental well-being. In 2022, we enrolled in the “Joyful@Healthy Workplace Charter” organized by the Department of health, Occupational Safety & Health Council and Labour Department. After rounds of thorough evaluation by the judging committee who reviewed nearly 600 submissions, we are delighted to share that our joint efforts were recognised and we won the “Grand Award – Joyful@Healthy Workplace Best Practices Award” under the Enterprise/Organisation Category.

Some examples of our health and wellness initiatives focusing on the three pillars are:

Physical fitness: In addition to medical insurance and regular body check schemes, we regularly host fitness activities, including mountaineering training certification courses, yoga experience class etc., to encourage our employees to exercise more and build physical strength and fitness.

Mental Wellness: We organise talks and workshops regularly including positive thinking workshop, bowling competition and make-your own-cup-noodles experience so that our employees may take a break from work. We also welcome our employees’ family members to join the activities so that our people can have fun together while fostering close family relationships. Aside from the recreational activities, we have adopted work-from-home, flexi-hour, and parental leave policies to provide qualified staff with workplace flexibility and to contribute to a healthy work-life balance in the long run.

Healthy Diet: Our office is equipped with a welcoming common room as well as dining space to provide a comfortable environment for our employees to rest and relax. To encourage our people to bring their own lunchbox as a healthier and eco-friendly alternative, we provide steaming and dishwashing services during lunch time.  Our people can also have fruits, healthy snacks and drinks at our Snack Corner and build a heathy eating habit effortlessly.

    In the coming years, we will continue our efforts to promote mental wellness and create a workplace with positive energy.