Sustainability 13/03/24



The Intuitive Machines Nova-C has landed on the Moon with our Omni-Heat™ Infinity tech protecting it from extreme temperatures in space. We’re incredibly proud to be part of this historic effort, and to be able to push our innovations even further.

Tested Tough In Space
Since 1938, we have relentlessly challenged ourselves to bring you the most innovative outdoor gear possible. We’ve completed our most ambitious gear test to date with our Omni-Heat™ Infinity tech on the Moon, but we’re not done yet. 

From Your Jacket To The Moon
Inspired by a NASA space blanket, our Omni-Heat™ technology has kept outdoor explorers warm for years. Now the advanced Omni-Heat™ Infinity thermal-reflective has gone to space. But it’s still the same tech we use to keep you comfortable here on Earth.

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