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Welcome Back! Meeting Siobhán Haughey

Fantastically winning two silver swimming medals at the Tokyo Olympics, Siobhán Haughey has proved her prowess to the world and won wide acclaim. Swire Resources Limited hosted two sessions of Siobhán homecoming event, respectively in the Upper House and Pacific Place, to welcome Siobhán, our arena’s Elite Team member, back home and express warm congratulations to her.

“Meeting Siobhán Haughey” in the Upper House

Swire Group’s Management team, arena team and guests had a close touch and discussion with Siobhán on her exciting and memorable experiences and reflections on the journey to the Olympics. Swire Resources warmly presented Siobhán a surprise portrait of her swimming journey that she felt deeply touched.

Siobhán also expressed her sincere gratitude to Swire Resources for the continuous support on local sports and athletes, as well as to arena that continually sponsors her with professional swimming gears for all her races.

In the hope of inspiring youngsters with sportsmanship, Swire Resources was thrilled to invite groups of young swimmers from different swimming organizations to join the Meet-and-Greet with their idol, Siobhán while she inspiringly shared her experiences and thoughts during the Games and encouraged them to pursue own swimming dream!

Siobhán also brought her Olympics medal to let the young swimmers to touch and feel as well as to take photos of it.

“Meeting Siobhán Haughey” in Pacific Place

Siobhán shared her experiences and reflections on the journey to the Olympics and had a warm exchange with dozens of young swimmers at Pacific Place in the following afternoon. She was also elated when Michael Fasching, the coach who led her into the world of competitive swimming, was invited on stage to share public applaud with her.

Dozens of young swimmers were also invited to the event in where they asked for Siobhán’s advice on techniques and learnings from training. They were fascinated by her Olympic medals and jostled for her autograph.

At the end of the event, Swire Resources presented Siobhán with a thoughtful souvenir – a swimsuit designed by the double silver medalist herself. The print, one inspired by the signature flower of Japan Sakura, the other one with a striving swimmer’s silhouette radiating dazzling lights, is a portrayal of its extraordinary designer, Siobhán Haughey.