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TEVA and ‘Indigo1150’ Present The Aesthetics of Socks & Sandals

TEVA, recognized footwear brand in the United States, launched the ‘Original’ Collection in Spring/Summer 2015. The collection consists of a series of colorful and fashionable sandals, giving it a sporty chic look along with the recent ‘socks and sandals’ trend.

In May 2015, TEVA co-operated with Indigo1150, the first natural indigo workshop in Hong Kong. 903 DJs, including Maria, Pitar, Colin, as well as other young musicians and creative designer-makers were invited to visit the Indigo1150 studio. The visitors used an all-natural blue-dye method to dye and design their original indigo socks. Their socks were matched with the TEVA sandals to showcase the latest “socks and sandals” fever.