Swire Resources Limited

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our parent company, Swire Pacific, is committed as a corporate to sustainable development. It has established and implemented a wide-ranging sustainability policy that covers environmental care, health and safety, employment, business partnerships and community engagement.

At Swire Resources, we strive to make sustainability a defining aspect of our business operations. We focus on the following three key areas:

Employee Well-being

  • Caring initiatives for employees – Organize informative seminars surrounding various physical & mental health topics to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance, and encourage applications by holding exercise classes and employee assistance programs.
  • Safeguarding staff – Provide adequate safety training and a safe working environment to protect staff from any kind of injuries.
  • Ensuring compliance – Perform occupational health & safety risk assessments to guarantee compliance of labour laws.


  • Changing consumer behavior – Educate customers on environmental issues and encourage conservative actions to be taken via public initiative such as No Shopping Bag Day.
  • Enhancing resource efficiency – Proactively implement energy-saving projects throughout our operation and monitor electricity consumption regularly to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Cultivating conscious culture – Distribute latest local and global sustainable development news to inspire employees to be more conscious-minded, both personally and professionally.


  • Building a positive attitude – Spread positivity to the community we operate in, with sports being the catalyst to connect with one another and to build an active-living society.
  • Shaping future generation – Organize youth-oriented service activities so future generations can learn and grow through hands-on experience, building a more sustainable future for all.
  • Addressing real-time need – Respond quickly to the community’s urgent needs and provide support and resources in a timely manner.