Swire Resources Limited


Step Up Your Career In Style

If you’ve ever worked in retail – behind the scenes or on the frontline – you’ll be familiar with the satisfaction that comes from making a sale or the simple joy of connecting customers with the things they need.

At Swire Resources, we celebrate accomplishments, share opportunities and inspire one another to succeed and develop as individuals and as a team. We provide a clearly defined, rewarding career path for our retail professionals to help them achieve their personal goals and to get where they want to be in the future.

Career Ladder For Retail Professionals

Career Ladder for Retail Professionals


Your Fast Track to Excellence

The first step to success is gaining the skills and the expertise required for work in retail. The Swire Resources Retail Academy offers comprehensive training programs to help you grow with us. Below are some examples of skills you will learn and develop.

Elementary Level

  • Customer Service
  • Complaint Handling
  • Team Building

Supervisory & Managerial Level

  • Problem Solving
  • Coaching & Motivation
  • Experiential Leadership Development


Grow With Us

Swire Resources strives to create a rewarding workplace for our people. To help you refine your skills, grow in your role and develop the skills for your next one, we provide formal and informal training programmes to help you rise to your full potential.

These include role-specific system training to ensure staff’s technical proficiency, advanced IT and data training on Microsoft Excel and dashboard application, and a Leadership Development Program for managerial staff.

In addition to the above classroom training, Swire Resources is keen to encourage staff to self-learn. Staff can access a company e-learning platform for self-learning or attend external seminars/ workshops for ongoing development.

We also developed an Internal Shopper Program and Shop Adventure scheme, to strengthen the connection and understanding between office and frontline staff, as well as to encourage cross-brand learnings.