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Repetto Celebrates the Art of Dance

Founded in Paris in the late 1940s, La Maison Repetto has grown from a manufacturer of ballet shoes to one of the world’s most prestigious luxury shoe and apparel brands. A ballerina’s grace, however, remains its inspiration as Repetto expands its footprint worldwide.

In 2014, to mark its 60th anniversary, Maison Repetto danced back to its roots, inviting more than 60 renowned artists to showcase their talents as part of an extraordinary project of the Foundation Danse pour la Vie (‘Dance for Life’). Using Repetto’s products – pointe shoes, tutus and more – as canvases, these artists filled their masterpieces with their unique take on the splendour, enchantment and beauty of the ballet. Several Asian artists, including Chinese actress Li Xiaoran and choreographer Wang Yuanyuan were also asked to create their own works of art.

Swire Resources launched the ‘Repetto 60 an’s’ exhibition at Plaza 66, one of Shanghai’s most prestigious malls. The exhibition of 29 pairs of shoes and four decorated tutus, ran from 17 – 27 April, attracting a diverse and curious audience, from local artists and style mavens to dance students and families. Much focus was placed on digital marketing to create buzz for the event, beginning with online ads in iWeekly and culminating in an innovative Repetto mini APP, through which audiences could participate in a virtual exhibition. A media day was also organised, drawing major fashion media outlets as well as newspapers to generate engaging coverage.