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Swire Resources Launches “No Shopping Bag Day” Environmental Programme

Since the full implementation of Plastic Shopping Bag Charging Scheme in Hong Kong in 2015, it is observed that shoppers’ awareness has reduced with increasing amount of plastic bags being sent to our landfills in recent years, as reported in annual Municipal Solid Waste reports.  As an industry leader in sports and lifestyle retail, Swire Resources recognizes our responsibility in the consumption of shopping bags distributed at our retail outlets.  While different environmentally-friendly alternatives are adopted for our shopping bags, we believe that the most sustainable option is any shopping bag that can be avoided.

To reinforce shoppers’ environmental awareness and encourage “Bring-Your-Own-Bag” (BYOB) behaviour, we are pleased to announce the launch of our “No Shopping Bag Day” programme which takes place on every second Tuesday of each month. In addition to donating 100% of the shopping bag levy collected on “No Shopping Bag Day”, Swire Resources will donate 50 cents for every bag-free transaction on the day of the programme to a selected Non-Governmental Organisation to support their environmental initiatives.

Join us to take concurrent actions to drive behavioural change, to reduce waste at source, and to create a better future together!