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Marathon Sports Dives into New CSR Partnership with Ocean Park

Marathon Sports always has a strong commitment to our customer and community. To achieve the vision of being an impactful sports retailer in town, we actively organize various corporate responsibility programmes to give back and promote environmentally sustainable behaviours through educational activities.

In September and October 2016, Marathon Sports joined hands with Ocean Park to launch the Little Ocean Reporters programme.  Leveraging on its strong base of loyal customers and VIP members, 400 children aged from four to eight participated in a hands-on experiential learning workshop at Ocean Park and enjoyed a range of exciting activities with curiosity and enthusiasm. Besides educating the children about the impact of plastic bags on the natural habitat, the programme also offered them an opportunity to interact with marine animals.

In addition, Marathon Sports sponsored 50 children from Po Leung Kuk centre to take part in the programme, while Swire Resources staff were mobilised to plan and execute the programme. Determined to raise public awareness of current environmental issues, Marathon Sports will keep exploring opportunities with different NGOs to initiate environmental education activities.