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Revamped GO WILD Membership App Brings New Exciting Benefits to Customers

GO WILD membership app “GO WILD PASS” has now been upgraded to “Go Dollar Rewards Program”! Existing members can automatically enjoy our new and upgraded benefits simply by downloading and logging into our revamped “Go Wild Pass” app:

  • Existing Mileage will automatically be upgraded to Go Dollar, enabling members to enjoy more benefits and outdoor experience through refined interface.
  • Log in again to enjoy immediate double rewards!

New & Existing Member Rewards

New and existing members can both receive in-app GO WILD and Columbia e-coupons:

  • 10% off annual pass
  • 30% off in birthday month

Refer to Your Friends and Earn Go Dollars Together

Try out our new “Friends Referral” function! For every friend you referred, you will be rewarded with 10 Go Dollars and can redeem our latest event coupons or free gifts*

*Subject to terms & conditions

Download/ upgrade GO WILD PASS now: www.gowildpass.hk