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GO WILD Launched “Leave No Trace” Campaign to Drive Trail Protection

Trash has been piling up on trails in Hong Kong as the number of hikers rocketed in recent years. Beginning from April 2021, GO WILD started the “Leave No Trace” campaign, organizing various activities to promote the “take away your own trash” message while people go on hikes and camping. The campaign was communicated at a vast range of channels such as in-store and online store promotions, social media pages, and internal staff communication platforms. Being outdoor enthusiasts, the GO WILD team took the initiative to be the first to participate in trail cleaning, hoping to put “Leave No Trace” into action, and encourage others to become protectors of our beautiful mountains and trails in Hong Kong.

Come join us in protecting Hong Kong trails by cleaning up when you hike and camp with your friends and family. Let’s achieve “Leave No Trace” together!

<Tips on Trail Cleaning>
1. Wear masks and gloves whiling cleaning to stay hygienic
2. Choose thick and sturdy trash bags such as plastic bags from dry cleaning, or reuse old plastic bags at home. Avoid trash bags that are too big or too long as walking with bulky trash bags would create inconvenience
3. Put trash in refuse collection points or large rubbish bins with tightly-closed lid. Do not leave collected trash in regular country park rubbish bins so as to avoid raids by wild animals
4. Assign 1-2 people as Clean Team to help distribute food, wipe sweat, etc.
5. Remember to go on trails in groups, wear outdoor clothing, and choose trails of appropriate level

It is also important to protect our trails starting from not creating trash. Purchase high quality reusable gears and avoid using consumables such as disposable tissues, plastic bottles, and insect repellents!
Bring Your Own Bottle!
Bring Your Own Towel!
Bring Your Own Utensils!