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GigaSports 10K Race 2014 embodies the “Challenge & Breakthrough” spirit

2014 marked the third annual GigaSports 10k Race at Hong Kong Science Park. A total of 3,000 participants gathered on 2 November to take up the challenge, as well as trial new state-of-the-art running gears showcased by Gigasports.

To embody the “Challenge & Breakthrough” spirit of GigaSports 10K Race, a series of pre-race training workshops and activities were organised this year to help participants achieve their best results. A Youth Training Programme was set up for students with the aim to not only increase their physical strength and running stamina, but also to boost their self-confidence, concentration and perseverance for a charitable cause. The group of young runners also received coaching from professional athletes prior to race day. GigaSports invited celebrity Aaron Kwok and HK 15km record holder Mr. Chan Ka Ho to the Kick-Ceremony, at which they shared their running experiences and led a crowd-pleasing warm-up session. The audience and media also enjoyed a catwalk show featuring the latest sports apparel and footwear mix-and-match trends.