Brands 05/07/24



This summer, embrace the realms of creativity and personalization and connect with local artistry and culture in an environment that radiates contemporary expression.

Operating from now until July 2024, ‘CROCS PLAYGROUND’ is the perfect complement to the contemporary lifestyle of Pacific Place. This Instagram-worthy destination offers immersive experiences, picture-perfect moments, and exclusive summer releases.

Immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s vibrant spirit with the Giant Classic Clog and the mesmerizing Jibbitz™ feature wall adorned with over 3,000 charms inspired by the iconic skyline. The LED wall showcases digital illustrations by local Hong Kong artists, celebrating their incredible talent and unique perspectives on Crocs.

Attracting city’s Gen-Z hipsters and trendsetters, Crocs invites fans of all ages to enjoy personalized fun and expressive play at the Jibbitz™ Bar. With over 200 styles of Jibbitz™ charms, crafting a unique pair becomes an enjoyable challenge. The Pop-Up also features the Canvas for Expression wall, showcasing local cultural creations from diverse backgrounds. Each creation tells a personal story, inspiring self-expression and imaginative design.

Every month, the “CROCS PLAYGROUND” Energy Pop-Up offers exclusive collaborations, pre-launch products, and a range of trend-setting classics. It promises to be your go-to summer destination with fresh and exciting releases and experiences on a rotating basis.

Crocs Energy Pop-Up:
Area 1D on Level 1, Pacific Place, Admiralty