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Swire Resources’ Continuous Support in the “Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme Trial Programme”

With over 18,000 metric tons of solid waste being produced in Hong Kong every day, this calls for urgent action to identify ways in which we can tackle this problem head on. In this regard, all our retail outlets operating in Cityplaza were fully onboard with the “Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme Trial Programme” initiative which was held from April through September 2017.  The event was organized jointly by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Swire Properties.  After the initial six month trial period, the initiative saw a 18% reduction in disposal volume for all participating stores. Our retail outlets in particular were able to achieve a further reduction of 24%, with GigaSports and d2r being the most standout performers in our group. We are very proud of this accomplishment.

Through this initiative, we were able to educate our staff members the importance of waste classification whilst also encouraging waste recycling, and that waste can be reduced by only making slight changes to each individual’s daily routine.